Waiting periods

Before you can start claiming for your Hospital and Extras, you must be in your chosen cover for a set period of time, (known as a waiting period). nib customers can only claim benefits after they have served their waiting periods. This is necessary to keep health cover fair.

Waiting periods protect existing customers who make payments to a fund over time, for when they might need health cover. If we didn’t have waiting periods, people might join a fund to claim for a planned item and then leave. Pre-existing conditions will also affect your waiting periods so it's important to understand how these may impact you.

To find out what waiting periods apply on your policy please log in to view your cover details or contact us. More information is also available in the Policy Booklet.

Waiting periods for hospital procedures

Hospital service Waiting Period
Accidental injury 1 day
Ambulance services 1 day
Other hospital services, except those listed 2 months
Psychiatric treatment 2 months*
Rehabilitation or palliative care (whether or not a pre-existing condition) 2 months
Other pre-existing ailments/conditions (an illness or condition where evident at any time during the 6 months immediately prior to joining nib) 12 months
Obstetric conditions 12 months

Note: your cover may exclude some of these procedures.

You should also check if a Restriction applies to your cover.

*A two month waiting period applies to customers who take out a product that includes Psychiatric treatment. Customers upgrading to a product with full benefits for Psychiatric treatment may be able to waive the 2 month waiting period. This Mental Health Waiver is only available to customers who have held hospital cover for at least the previous 2 months, have not previously used their waiver with nib or any other fund, have been admitted to hospital and is under the care of an addition medicine specialist or consultant psychiatrist.

Waiting periods for Extras services

Extras service Waiting Period
Ambulance services 1 day
All other services, except those listed below 2 months
Optical appliances and repairs 6 months
Healthier lifestyle 6 months
Specialty dental (e.g. endodontia, periodontia) 12 months
Removal of wisdom teeth and oral surgery 12 months
Periodontic surgical, root therapy and endodontic services by a dentist not registered as a specialist 12 months
Dentures, denture maintenance/repairs, other prosthodontic services 12 months
Orthodontia 12 months
Artificial aids (except orthotics and orthopaedic shoes) 12 months
Hearing aids 36 months

Note: your cover may not include some of these Extras services.