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Ok Google, speak to nib

You can now find a dentist, knee surgeon, get a daily health tip and ask common health insurance questions, all with the power of your voice.

Hands-free healthcare

We've made health insurance simple and smart by using the Google Assistant. Look after your health by enabling us to provide you with the right health professional contacts and give you the latest health tips and insurance information, all by asking:

“Ok Google, speak to nib”

This works across all devices where Google Assistant is available including phones, speakers, TVs, headphones and more.

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Super easy set-up

  1. Set up your Google Home smart speaker using the Google Home app or use Google Assistant on your mobile phone

  2. Say, “Ok Google, speak to nib.”

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What you can ask

Start it off with “Ok Google, speak to nib”

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  1. Find a health professional

    “Where's a dentist close to postcode 2042?”
    “Find me an optometrist”

  2. Find a local specialist

    “Is there a knee surgeon near me?”
    “Can you find me a local paediatrician?”
    “Where is the closest heart specialist?”

  3. Daily health tip

    “What's my daily health tip?”
    “Can I hear my health tip again?”
    “What was yesterday's health tip?”

  4. Health insurance FAQs

    “How do I make a claim?”
    “What is the difference between private health insurance and Medicare?”

Frequently asked questions

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