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I only purchased things through nib Rewards for a week

An nib employee took on a seven-day challenge like no other

A woman viewing nib Rewards on her phone
A woman viewing nib Rewards on her phone

To put our members-only program to the test – and fully explore the potential savings on offer – an nib employee took on the challenge of only purchasing things through nib Rewards for seven days straight.

As an nib employee and member, it’s safe to say I’m familiar with our rewards program and the range of discounts and exclusive offers available. But despite regularly purchasing through a heap of the 100+ retailers listed on the platform – and practically living in the Kmart homewares section – I’m yet to take advantage of any of the discounts on offer.

This experiment was going to be an interesting test. Would I need to give up any of my weekly essentials? Let’s find out…

The weekly shop

My partner and I do our big grocery shop on Monday afternoons, so I was stoked to see 3% discounts were available on Coles gift cards. While this isn’t the biggest discount offered on the platform, 3% off our weekly grocery shop would add up to some pretty solid savings over the course of a year. If you’re on team green and prefer Woolies, do not despair. A 3% discount on Woolworths eGift cards is also on offer.

Life admin

With a prescription to collect and a heap of nearly empty sunscreen tubes sprawled across the house, I grabbed a $20 Priceline gift card and headed to our local store. With a discount of 9% off, I can already see myself utilising this deal a lot more in the future for everyday essentials.

Fuel up

I typically fill up on petrol every week, so with another 2% discount on offer, I purchased a $50 Fuel Card through the platform in preparation. The digital card can be stored on an Apple or Android phone, so was super easy to use the next time my petrol light came on (yep, I’m one of those people).

All in all, the experiment has made me question why I waited so long to utilise the platform in the first place

New Year, new me

Nothing screams, “It’s the new year” like fresh stationery. With a new year around the corner, it was time to purchase a diary. But where to grab one from? With discounts available from retailers like Big W, Target and Dymocks, and a range of diaries available at each, it was difficult to know where to start. With a 9% discount on offer at Dymocks, and a new year’s sale on diaries, a $30 eGift card seemed like the obvious choice.

It’s gifting time

The engagement party invite stuck to our fridge said there would be a wishing well at the party on Saturday night. Getting cash out felt like cheating on this experiment, so a gift card seemed like the right choice. With 5% off Myer eGift Cards, I was able to purchase a gift I know they’ll use, print it and pop it in a card. Easy as!

All in all, the experiment was a success and has made me question why I waited so long to utilise the platform in the first place.

If you’re sick of paying full price, then check out the range of benefits and offers through nib Rewards today.

If you’re not with nib, but you’d like to find out more about our cover options, get a quote today or contact our award-winning member service team on 13 16 42.

The various eGift cards and other discounted offers referred to in this article are subject to specific terms and conditions. Some offers may vary or be available for a limited time. nib Rewards are available to new health insurance members after 30 days of membership, provided premium payments are up to date. For full terms and conditions, visit nib Rewards.

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