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nib First Choice

nib First Choice

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Trusted health professionals

We’ve created the nib First Choice network to help you access quality healthcare when you need it most. These health providers have promised they will deliver quality care and value for money.

A better deal for you and your family

We’ve locked in lower costs with nib First Choice providers, so you can enjoy competitive treatment fees when you visit the dentist or a discount the next time you claim for glasses.

Our growing network

Our network is growing each month, so you’re bound to find an nib First Choice provider near you. As our network continues to grow, nib First Choice will quickly become your go-to when looking for a range of health professionals, including physiotherapy and chiropractic.

Let our network be your First Choice

More choice

You can still see your choice of provider but by choosing an nib First Choice provider, you may have less to pay towards the cost of your treatment.

Providers near you

Search for providers in your local area who have joined nib First Choice.

On the spot claiming

Guaranteed on-the-spot claiming with all nib First Choice providers. Be sure to check your cover on the nib app or by logging into your account.

Important Information

nib First Choice providers offer discounted rates for many common dental treatments, or standard discounts on select prescription glasses and other optical products, as agreed with nib. These fees and discounts are reviewed at least annually and are subject to change. Always check or the nib App before booking to ensure your provider participates or simply ask your provider if they are part of nib’s network at the time of booking. Providers occasionally leave the nib First Choice network so it’s important to check before booking to avoid disappointment.