Value Plus Visitor Cover

Meets your visa requirements and covers you for your In-hospital and Out-patient medical services.

single Single Price - $106.59 per month
quarterly: $319.78 | half-yearly: $639.56 | yearly: $1,279.13
couple Couple Price - $213.19 per month
quarterly: $639.56 | half-yearly: $1,279.13 | yearly: $2,558.25
family Family Price - $274.07 per month
quarterly: $822.20 | half-yearly: $1,644.41 | yearly: $3,288.82

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Key Benefits
  • Meets the Department of Home Affairs working visa requirements.
  • Confirmation of health cover letter provided upon joining
  • Covers Out-patient services which includes doctors, specialists and pathology
  • No hospital Excess
  • Ambulance and medical repatriation cover

Note: For more information about the IMAN products please read the Working Visitor Health Cover Brochure

Hospital Services

nib/IMAN Agreement Private Hospitals

  • 100% of the nib contracted rate.

Non-Agreement Private Hospitals

  • benefits paid at the level determined by the Department of Health and Ageing, called the Default Benefit.

Public Hospitals

  • 100% of the Gazetted Rate determined by State and Territory Health Authorities.

Hospital In-patient services include:

  • Hospital accommodation for overnight and same day stays
  • Operating theatre, intensive care, ward fees
  • 100% of the benefit covered for approved surgically implanted prosthetic devices as determined by the Federal Government

Examples of services covered:

  • Accidents
  • Knee & shoulder surgery
  • Knee, hip & shoulder investigations
  • Removal of tonsils
  • Removal of appendix
  • Hernia surgery
  • Back surgery e.g. slipped disc
  • Upper gastrointestinal investigations
  • Colonoscopies & bowel surgery
  • Kidney stone & gall stone removal
  • All eye surgery e.g. cataracts, squints, pterygiums
  • Heart surgery e.g. stents, open heart surgery
  • Grommets in ears
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Major joint replacement e.g. artificial knee/hip
  • Renal dialysis


Waiting Period

Ambulance Cover Nil
In-patient Psychiatric treatment 2 months
In-patient Palliative care treatment (whether or not for pre-existing condition) 2 months
Pre-existing conditions In-patient 12 months
Pregnancy and birth related services 12 months
Medical Services

Coverage for services listed under the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS)

  • 100% of the cost for In-patient medical provided in a hospital (including doctors, specialists, pathology and radiology)
  • 100% of the MBS for Out-patient doctors (General Practitioner consultations)
  • 100% of the MBS for Out-patient specialist services including pathology, radiology and specialists
  • Out-patient continuing treatment following hospitalisation. Only includes services that are covered by the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) and home nursing for wound care or Intravenous antibiotics (excludes personal care and xtras services such as physio and acupuncture). All treatment must be documented and approved by the treating doctor prior to discharge
Extras Cover

100% of the costs back up to the annual limit on:

Services Annual Limit Waiting Periods
Pharmaceutical prescriptions for Out-patient services.
PBS listed only.
$500 2 Months
Additional Services
  • Ambulance cover (medically necessary transport provided by a State and Territory Ambulance Service)
  • Medical Repatriation to home Country (where deemed medically necessary by a medical practitioner appointed by IMAN)
  • Funeral expenses ($20,000 limit per person per policy)

Services not covered

  • General dental and optical
  • Out-patient psychology services
  • Out-patient psychiatric services
  • In-patient and Out-patient Services not covered by Medicare such as cosmetic surgery (to enhance appearance) or experimental surgery
  • Assisted reproductive services e.g. IVF
  • Bone Marrow and Organ transplants