Immigrating to Australia

Australia is a popular country for immigration due to its strong economy, employment opportunities and lifestyle.

The Department of Home Affairs controls who can enter Australia and over 120,000 people a year immigrate to Australia through a number of programs.

Immigration is possible through a range of immigration temporary or permanent visas.

For more information on visa categories and requirements for each visa type, visit the Department of Home Affairs website (

Visa categories include:

Employment Visas

This form of visa allows skilled workers to immigrate to Australia. Visas can be sponsored by individual states that require workers for specific skills or Australian businesses that have vacant skilled positions.

There are two schemes that the Australian government offers for employment visas:

  1. The Employer Nomination Scheme which gives Australian employers the opportunity to recruit overseas workers to fill vacant skilled positions. In order for a visa to be granted, the applicant must have a job offer from an Australia employer that has been approved as a sponsor.
  2. The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme which allows employers in regional locations to recruit overseas workers to fill vacant positions. In order for the visa to be approved, the applicant needs to have an official offer from an employer that is an approved sponsor.

The subclass 457 visa is the most popular form of skilled immigration to Australia.

Student Visas

There are a number of student visas available with most of these requiring an offer from an educational institution before the visa can be granted. Visa requirements differ depending on the country the applicant comes from.

Once a student has completed their course, many students want to immigrate permanently to Australia. The course that the student has completed will determine their eligibility for other visas.

Family Visas

If an individual already has family members in Australia that are permanent residents, there are opportunities for immigrating to Australia through a family visa. Some of the visa categories for family visas include the Parents Visa, Spouse/Partner Visa and Remaining Relative Visa.