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nib has a mission and vision of people enjoying better health. Through our success, we aspire to more prosperous and sustainable communities, not only the creation of enterprise value.

Our sustainability pillars

Sustainability principles

Our sustainability pillars

We recognise that how we go about our business, including the examples we set, directly and indirectly impact the communities in which we operate and their sustainability.

It is no afterthought. We profoundly believe the prosperity and sustainability of nib depends upon that of the communities we serve. And that commercial returns follows only our success both in fulfilling our purpose and community expectations.

Population health

A woman piggybacking her daughter

1. Population health

Community spirit & cohesion

A woman watering some plants

2. Community spirit & cohesion

Economic development and employment

Woman and man smiling in a cafe

3. Economic development and employment

Natural environment

Woman pointing at kangaroos near a cliff

4. Natural environment

Leadership and governance

Business woman in a meeting

5. Leadership and governance