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Update your shareholding

We are unable to pay unclaimed dividends to relevant shareholders if we do not have their current direct credit details.

If you are one of these shareholders and don't act soon the payment of these unclaimed dividends will be revoked. You will be notified at least 6 months prior to the payment of any unclaimed dividend being revoked.

After this date, the portion of unclaimed dividends that has remained unclaimed for five years will be transferred to our charitable organisation, to support charities to deliver health and wellbeing initiatives in communities across Australia.

To receive your outstanding payment, please provide your shareholder direct credit details.

If you need assistance or have any questions about nib's unclaimed dividends please contact us contact us.

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If you need assistance or have any questions about nib's unclaimed dividends:

As an nib shareholder there are many options available to ensure you receive the communications you need in the form that you prefer. Receiving your shareholder communications electronically is the best way to stay informed. We encourage you to make the switch to paperless communications by providing us with your email address.

We will now only issue Annual Reports, Notices of Meetings and other documents related to shareholders’ meetings and rights (“Shareholder Documents”) to you electronically if:
• We have your email address;
• You have not previously elected to receive hard copy Shareholder Documents; and
• You do not notify us that you wish to receive hard copy.

However, if we do not have your email address you will need to access your Shareholder Documents via our website.

Communication election notice

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Keep your shareholding up to date with our share registry, Computershare, to ensure you receive all the latest shareholder information, dividend payments and statements.

You can easily and securely update your:

  • Banking details

  • Address details


  • Email details

  • Communication details

All you need to have on hand is your Security Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) and your postcode.

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