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Meet the world’s first digital assistant helping to save Aussies from skin cancer

Meet: Spot Infographic
Meet: Spot Infographic

Skin Check Champions has a mission to help 81,000 Aussies book a skin check this summer to account for the number of people who would have normally been treated for skin cancer this year but haven’t as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and varying state restrictions.

It’s why we’ve teamed up with Skin Check Champions to launch the world’s first digital assistant, SPOT, to help reach this target and guide thousands of Aussies through the entire skin check process from finding a clinic, to making a booking, setting reminders, getting there, and what to expect.

The bot will live on Facebook messenger and aims to demystify and destigmatise the skin check process, as well as educate Aussies about skin cancer and why early detection and being sun-smart is so important, understanding that 98% of cancer can be successfully treated if detected early.

The bot will also support users in assessing their skin cancer risk, being more sun-smart, and playing a more active role in looking after their mates.

If you speak to SPOT, they will help you to:

  • Find a GP / Skin Cancer Clinic or Dermatologist across Australia

  • Make an appointment and add it to your calendar, with automated reminders to make sure you turn up

  • Give you questions to ask your doctor to make sure you get a thorough screening

  • Follow up after your appointment to see how you went

  • Provide information and pathways depending on your results

  • Do a quiz to find out your skin cancer risk

  • Learn how to SCAN your skin for skin cancer

  • Learn about skin cancer and what the differences / impacts are

  • Learn how you can be more sun-smart, apply sunscreen and look out for your mates

Interested? Meet SPOT or learn more about the initiative.