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Cancer Council is challenging Aussies to drink less for their long-term health

Male on the couch with a headache
Male on the couch with a headache

Our partner, Cancer Council NSW, has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer to help prevent alcohol-related cancers in the NSW community.

Recent insights have found that 44% of people in NSW are unaware that drinking alcohol can lead to cancer. Additionally, 33% of NSW adults (41% of men and 25% of women) drink at levels that pose long-term health risks, such as an increased risk of developing alcohol-related cancers.

Research has also found that awareness of the cancer risks associated with alcohol consumption is enough to influence attitudes towards drinking. Using this logic, Cancer Council NSW’s campaign aims to get the message out there to as many Aussies as they can, empowering them to drink at less harmful levels and helping to prevent the risk of chronic disease down the track.

The campaign directs Australians to the NSW Drinks Meter app, which provides personalised feedback based on doctors' advice on how to avoid risky levels of alcohol consumption.

You can download the app today to see how you’re tracking at

Find out more about our partnership with Cancer Council NSW or check out their website.