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Meet our six new partners helping keep Aussies healthy

A male and two female adults stretching their legs at the park

We’re excited to share with you our new Health Smart partners, dedicated to helping people and communities live healthier lives.

A male and two female adults stretching their legs at the park

We’ve welcomed six Australian charities, which will deliver preventative health programs such as skin cancer checks and exercise regimes to improve students’ mental health, after receiving our Health Smart grants totalling $240,000.

The grants are a reflection of our commitment to helping Australians develop and maintain healthy habits and lifestyles, which is why we’ve chosen to partner with charities that specialise in health promotion and have demonstrated experience engaging and empowering people to be health smart in their everyday lives.

“By increasing health literacy we are arming people with better knowledge, skills and tools to make good health decisions. Decisions which will positively impact their health and wellbeing now, and reduce modifiable health risks throughout their lives,” nib foundation Executive Officer, Amy Tribe said.

With COVID-19 continuing to have an impact on the mental health of Aussies, the new partnerships also reflect the need for greater investment in programs aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing.

It’s why we’re teaming up with the likes of Monash University to support their BrainPark PEAK Pilot which is developing a fun and empowering behaviour change program based on the latest science that seeks to embed regular physical exercise into the lifestyles of students to help improve mental health and wellbeing. The Banksia Project’s Virtual Growth Rooms, is another program we’re supporting, providing an online space for men’s mental health initiatives.

nib foundation will also give two of the charities a chance to have their funding doubled through our ‘People’s Vote’ which will be carried out this year via social media and nib’s The Check Up, opens in a new tab.

The 2021 Health Smart grant recipients are:

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