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Stories of better health from our 2022 Community Report – Out now

A group of female teens sitting down in the sun
A group of female teens sitting down in the sun

We're proud to share our 2022 Community Report! The report highlights how we've supported our partners over the last year to help people and communities achieve better health and wellbeing.

This year nib Group committed over $2.3 million in community funding. This included $1.7 million supporting 26 charity partners through our foundation, specialising in our three focus areas – promoting prevention, enabling equality, and empowering communities. Our partnership investments favoured innovative digital health solutions to better reach and educate young people to lead healthier lives.

A great example is our partnership with Butterfly Foundation to launch a series of online educational resources designed to support parents and carers to create body positive homes for their teens. By having these conversations early and role modelling body kind behaviours, families can help empower teens to look after their physical and mental health and prevent more serious health issues later on.

Helen Bird

"One parent told us they had previously felt like they were walking on eggshells and were fearful of saying the wrong thing when bringing up body image with their child.

They said it was a game-changer to have access to resources that empower them to speak openly about these issues without their teen shutting down.”

- Helen Bird, Manager of Education at Butterfly Foundation.

Read more in our 2022 Community Report.

We also welcomed our nine new Health Smart partners across Australia and, for the first time, New Zealand. Each of these partners are using the power of new technologies to deliver unique health prevention programs focused on mental health, vaping, sleep, harmful alcohol consumption and risk-related trauma.

Our employees were also excited to see volunteering make a comeback, contributing over 960 hours in volunteering time through our employee giving program, nibgive.

OzHarvest chef with happy nib volunteers

“Our nib teams across the Group have recently spent the day with OzHarvest cooking a hot meal for those in need. Using leftover food collected from local supermarkets and online food delivery services, they were able to feed over 130 people across Sydney and Newcastle.” 

Read more in our 2022 Community Report

This year we’ve witnessed the strength and resilience of people communities across the nation. Almost $79,000 in funding activities were directed towards supporting our local and international communities through another challenging year of natural disasters, including the recent floods in Queensland and New South Wales, and the volcanic eruption and tsunami in Tonga.

Woman petting a brown horse in the farm

“It’s an understatement to say that the various disasters of recent years have taken a heavy toll … The Horsanity workshops appealed to me because I love animals and nature, and it seemed like a gentle way for me to access support and heal.”

- Linda, Upper Hunter Community Services, Horsanity participant

Read more in our 2022 Community Report

As nib Group celebrates 70 years, it's also good time to reflect on our community impact. Since 2008, we've committed over $24.9 million in funding to support 191 charities that work daily to improve vulnerable communities' health and social outcomes.

We’re proud to share our 2022 Community Report with you and hope you will enjoy hearing from some of the inspiring people who were kind enough to tell their stories of better health.

You can also learn more about our health impact from our FY22 Prevention Scorecard.