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Clearhead launches digital tool to help young people find their purpose

Person holding iphone that displays Clearhead's purpose tool
Person holding iphone that displays Clearhead's purpose tool

Have you ever felt aimless and unsure about your purpose in life? In 2021, mental health and wellbeing platform Clearhead found that the top two causes of psychological distress amongst their users came from loneliness and lacking purpose.

Realising the importance of this, Clearhead’s Clinical Psychologist, Sam O’Sullivan worked with young people in New Zealand to co-design an innovative new platform that supports individuals to better understand their values and take proactive care of their mental health and wellbeing.  

With our funding support, the Finding Purpose digital tool is the first of its kind to provide personalised and clinically validated information on purpose and value-based decision making to help individuals live a more fulfilling life. The digital tool takes individuals on a journey of self-discovery through exploring their career, relationships, routines and hobbies.

Finding Purpose takes a holistic approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing by helping users to develop a stronger sense of self through self reflection. This self-awareness helps them to make decisions in line with their core values which can improve anxiety, stress and depression.

To begin your journey, try out the Finding Purpose tool today.