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2021 People’s Choice Vote

Three of nib foundation’s Health Smart partners - BrainPark (Monash University), Butterfly Foundation and Cancer Council NSW - have the chance to receive an extra $40,000 in funding to continue to support programs dedicated to empowering youth and young adults to lead healthier lives.

Now, we need your help to decide which charity will receive the additional $40,000. The chosen charity will be announced at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 4 November 2021.

Check out the charities below and cast your vote today!

Voting has now closed.

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BrainPark (Monash University)

A bit about them

Monash University's BrainPark understands that students are in the midst of a mental health crisis. As world-leading experts in mental health, lifestyle and neuroscience, they also appreciate that helping students get active is a powerful way to build recovery and resilience. It’s why nib foundation has partnered with them to create the PEAK program (i.e. peak–performance), a fun and accessible behaviour change program that seeks to embed regular physical exercise into the lifestyles of Australian university students to improve their mental health, cognitive health and brain health.

What will Monash University do with an extra $40k?

Students have told the BrainPark team that they need help and are hungry for empowering programs like PEAK. To help them best engage, they've asked for a digital delivery platform, engaging video content, and opportunities for social connection to be built into the PEAK program. The $40,000 will enable BrainPark to build these resources and help set PEAK, and young Australians, up for success.

BrainPark Monash University logo

Butterfly Foundation

A bit about them

In partnership with nib foundation, The Butterfly Foundation have launched their BodyKind Families resources to help parents and carers connect with their teens on the important topics of body image and being body kind. By having these conversations early and role modelling body kind behaviours, families can help empower teens to look after their physical and mental health and prevent more serious health issues later on.

What will Butterfly Foundation do with an extra $40k?

Butterfly Foundation has had an overwhelming response to their Body Kind Families program. With body image concerns and eating disorders on the rise as a result of the emotional toll of extended lockdowns, teenagers and their families really are in need of continued support. The additional funding would allow Butterfly Foundation to make the program more inclusive and accessible to Australian families. This would include adapting and translating some of the resources into a number of languages, as well as developing additional content that, through analysis, they identified to be helpful to families of teens. In addition, the live parenting webinars offered as part of Body Kind Families attracted nearly 2,000 registrations and, with the additional funding support, Butterfly Foundation would love to be able to offer more of these events.

Butterfly Foundation Logo

Cancer Council NSW

A bit about them

Did you know 1 in 3 people in Australia who die from alcohol-related causes die from a cancer that can be prevented by reducing alcohol consumption? With nib foundation’s support, Cancer Council NSW will launch a social media campaign in January 2022 to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer as well as help to change Australians intentions about reducing alcohol consumption. 

What will Cancer Council NSW do with an extra $40k?

Cancer Council NSW would use nib foundation’s People’s Choice funding to build on the initial NSW social media campaign which aims to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer and encourage people to reduce alcohol use. The campaign would provide people with even more evidence-based information and support, including tips and practical proven strategies to help change behaviour, reduce alcohol use, and live healthier lifestyles.

Cancer Council NSW logo