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Sylvanvale launches their Inclusive Classroom program

Horticulture therapist and disabled child feeding a duck
Horticulture therapist and disabled child feeding a duck

Children of all abilities are catching a case of the green thumb thanks to Sylvanvale's therapeutic horticultural Inclusive Classroom made possible by our $40,000 Community Grant.

The first lesson took place this month at the Sutherland-based Inclusive Classroom and is offered to children of all abilities including those with disabilities that attend Sylvanvale's After School Club, Saturday Club and Holiday Club.

The Inclusive Classroom provides children with hands-on and theory based lessons from a qualified horticulture therapist, where they learn about permaculture and nutrition, with the opportunity to grow and prepare food from the gardens and outdoor kitchen established within the grounds of Garden House.

The program, available to young people aged between 5 and 17, offers a range of classes, including composting, worm farming, insect hotels, growing citrus, fruits, succulents, seed raising and saving, and bush tucker.

With our funding support, children are given the opportunity to access the benefits of therapeutic horticulture via an inclusive classroom environment which is proven to have social, psychological and physical benefits for vulnerable people, including those with disabilities.

As a result of participation in the program, young people of all abilities will develop an improved awareness and knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating habits, an increase in their number of social connections and improved confidence, communication and physical ability.