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SWAP-IT has launched in the Hunter!

Two young kids in the classroom smiling with their teachers
Two young kids in the classroom smiling with their teachers

We're providing a helping hand in the kitchen for parents and carers of school children in the Hunter with the launch of SWAP-It - an app-based program designed to educate parents to SWAP-IN healthier foods and SWAP-OUT unhealthy foods in the lunchbox every day.

With our funding support, the University of Newcastle (UoN) have today launched the parent support program with the aim to address the nutritional intake of children to align with dietary guidelines and prevent unhealthy weight gain in childhood.

As 135,000 lunchboxes are packed for primary-aged school children in the Hunter New England area on a daily basis, research has found that more than 270,000 items of junk food, which are often cleverly packaged and presented to children, are consumed each day.

The implementation of SWAP-It will allow for a greater understanding of the nutritional benefits of a healthy lunchbox amongst families and will better educate parents and carers on how to avoid 'unhealthy' foods which are often disguised as 'healthy' - ultimately helping young minds to thrive.

SWAP-It will be delivered to 150 primary schools across the Hunter New England region and can be accessed via the Skool Bag app, where parents or carers can find nutrition-related information, weekly support messages and useful resources, including, lunchbox planners and shopping lists as visual prompts to pack healthy lunchbox foods at home.

You can find out more about SWAP-It and our partnership with University of Newcastle (UoN).