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Dignity offered to disadvantaged women in the Hunter region

Four women next to a Dignity Vending Machine
Four women next to a Dignity Vending Machine

Three Dignity Vending Machines have been installed locally by our partner Share the Dignity to offer free sanitary items for Hunter women in need.

The Dignity Vending Machines, also known as 'Pinkboxes', dispense period packs every ten minutes, which allows women to access free sanitary products, including pads and tampons, to manage their period with dignity for the next 24 hours.

Soul Café, The Place Charlestown and Cessnock High School have each received a Pinkbox after Share The Dignity took home over $33,000 in funding support at our live Pitch Night event held last year.

Soul Café Manager, Matthew Ortiger said the Pinkbox has already made a big impact at their venue on Hunter Street by providing women who visit with one less thing to worry about in their day-to-day lives.

"Every week, we provide hundreds of free meals to men and women experiencing homelessness, drug or alcohol addiction, domestic violence and other disadvantages that life may throw their way and to be able to offer more than a just a hot meal at Soul Café is so important to us," Matt said.

"The women who have visited so far have really appreciated having these sanitary items freely available - something no woman should go without no matter their circumstances," he added.

To be able to provide access to what should be a basic human right for all women through the Pinkbox initiative will positively impact the health, confidence and wellbeing of people who need this service.