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Meet our 2021 Good Cause Grants recipients

Two adults posing next to a Happy Box collection bin
Two adults posing next to a Happy Box collection bin

Every year, our employees across the nib Group get the chance to nominate a charity close to their heart to receive $5,000 in funding.

Since our Good Cause Grants started, we’ve provided $170,000 to 34 worthy causes and this year 21 fantastic charities from across the globe were nominated by an inspired group of employees. It was then up to the rest of the nib Group to vote for the final six charities that they believe deserved a share in $30,000.

Almost 1,000 votes later, we’re thrilled to share with you the recipients of our 2021 Good Cause Grants...


Happy Boxes Project

Women in our own backyard, particularly those living in rural and remote communities, are going without basic toiletries. Accessibility to simple items, like soap, deodorant and shampoo can be challenging when the closest store can be up to 1,000kms away. To help alleviate these barriers the Happy Boxes Project send gift boxes filled with self-care products to women across Australia, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. The Happy Boxes are designed to provide women with the enjoyment of life’s little luxuries that we regularly take for granted and help improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Turbans 4 Australia

Turbans 4 Australia is a Sikh charity organisation that helps anyone in need regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity. They raise awareness about important social issues, fundraise for worthy causes and participate in charitable works. Their practice promotes multiculturalism and religious tolerance.

Got Your Back Sista Newcastle

Got Your Back Sista's vision is to see women and their children happy, thriving and living independently after escaping the trauma of domestic violence. They offer benevolent relief and support to women and children escaping domestic violence and who are at risk of living below the poverty line.

The founder is a close friend who after working in remote Northern Territory found that her female students did not have the basic essentials, like deodorant and shampoo, at home which can have an impact on their physical and social wellbeing. The concept started with my friend buying and distributing the self-care goods herself to local women. The charity has grown to now service 35 communities.

Nominated by nib Group Sponsorship Manager, Dean Armida.

New Zealand

Baby Loss NZ

Through the education of staff in hospitals and the development of supportive resources, Baby Loss NZ helps support parents and their families who have experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, as well as parents facing a difficult decision following a poor prognosis. When needed, Monthly support group meetings, coffee mornings, practical workshops, training and education for health professionals are all part of what Baby Loss NZ provide to help support the mental health and wellbeing of parents and families.

Baby Loss NZ provided me with support after I had lost my daughter in 2018. They are such an awesome bunch of people!

Nominated by nib New Zealand Senior Customer Experience Improvement Lead, Helen Tuuga Stevenson.


Human and Hope Association Inc.

Cambodia remains the poorest Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) country with 35% of Cambodians still living in poverty - resulting in poor health, low levels of education, skills and employment. Human and Hope Association is a locally run grassroots community centre in Cambodia, helping empower Cambodians to break the cycle of poverty through quality education, training and development programs.

Homeless Help and Support Cork

Formed in response to the growing homelessness crisis within Cork City, Homeless Help and Support Cork (HHSC) are a focused and driven group of volunteers providing direct support to individuals in the situation of homelessness, as well as emotional and counselling support to those at risk of/or sleeping rough. Their aim is to offer hope, dignity and respect to Cork’s homeless population and to raise public awareness on the matter.