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Apply for our Health Smart Grants!

Group of adults running outdoors
Group of adults running outdoors

It’s time to submit your Expressions of Interest for our 2021 Health Smart Grants!

We’re searching for registered charities across Australia and New Zealand to apply for our Health Smart Grants to receive grants of $40,000.

This is the first year we’ve offered our Health Smart Grants outside of Australia and we are looking forward to extending our support to the Kiwi community, where over 225,000 of nib New Zealand’s members reside.

Six $40,000 grants are available to charities in Australia, while three grants of $40,000 will be offered to registered charities in New Zealand. Charities who specialise in health promotion and primary prevention and have a track record of engaging and empowering people to be health smart in their everyday lives, are encouraged to apply.

The reality is, that far too many Aussies and Kiwis die prematurely or live for many years with poor physical and mental health and wellbeing related to chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

In fact, 81% of health loss from early death, illness or disability in New Zealand is caused by chronic illnesses. In Australia, almost half of Aussies have at least one chronic health condition and 20% have multiple chronic health conditions that often share the same multiple risk factors, like smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise.

The good news is that many of these risk factors leading to chronic ill health are modifiable.

By partnering with charities dedicated to providing programs that equip Australians and Kiwis with the right information, tools and technology to better understand and manage their health risks, we hope more Australians and Kiwis will feel empowered to lead healthier lifestyles.

The six successful Australian charities will also be given the chance to have their funding doubled through our People’s Choice vote – where two of the six charities will receive an extra $40,000 as decided by the public.

Interested? Check out our Australia and New Zealand guidelines and submit your Expression of Interest by Wednesday, 30 June on our Apply page.