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Health Smart Partners

Our support

Our Health Smart partners focus on empowering Aussie youth and young adults to make smarter health choices.

Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Institute have developed Sleep Ninja,an evidence-based digital intervention for adolescent sleep problems with the aim to get it into the hands of those who need it most.

Life Ed.

Life Ed. are broadening the health subjects covered in their current Reality Now interactive survey to include Vaping and e-cigarettes, dispelling drug and alchohol perceptions and attitudes among school peers.

Live Life Get Active

Live Life Get Active are developing programming for its new series called My Positive Mind which help people understand how mental health challenges can occur and how to cope with them.

Monash University

Monash University will offer their P.A.R.T.Y program online, increasing access to the interactive injury awareness and health promotion platform that shows real-life clinical examples of the consequences of engaging in risk-taking behaviour.


The Y's Uplift Online will provide at-risk young people with an active wellness program, giving them access to fitness sessions and a series of wellness content. Uplift Online will also be a resource for connecting young people to local support services.

Butterfly Foundation

The Body Kind Youth Survey will create an ongoing annual dataset highlighting the current and changing prevalence of body image concerns and related issues for Australia's youth.

University of Otago NZ

The University of Otago will analyse data on youth drinking and produce a series of data-informed fact sheets and webinars to inform evidence-based policy and community-level action to address harmful drinking in young people and reduce disparities in alcohol harm.

Clearhead NZ

Clearhead is a one-stop-shop online mental health platform empowering Kiwis to find the help they need, through simple and secure access to mental health providers.

Past Partners

Black Dog Institute

Through local Indigenous language, stories and culture, Black Dog Institute is providing accessible mental health support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Butterfly Foundation

The Butterfly Foundation will run their Body Kind Families program, providing evidence-informed information, resources and seminars to empower parents to create a home environment that supports positive body image and healthy behaviours.

Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Council NSW will launch a social media campaign to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer as well as help to change intentions about reducing alcohol consumption.

Cancer Council Queensland

The Cancer Risk Calculator developed by cancer Council Qld aims to empower people to make more informed lifestyle decisions every day that help to prevent risk of cancer.

Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Council Qld wants youth to Rethink Sugary Drink as the leading source of added sugar in Australians diets, contributing to our overweight and obesity problem.


Clearhead has expanded their online platform to include a secure, online telehealth service, which will enable therapists and support groups to continue to deliver crucial mental health services to more Kiwis across the country, even under COVID-19 restrictions.

Life Education NSW

Life Education are dispelling drug and alcohol perceptions and attitudes amongst school peers’ through their Reality Now interactive survey.

Live Life Get Active

Live Life Get Active provides free outdoor fitness camps, virtual exercise sessions and diet advice for those who can’t leave home during COVID-19, to help Australians combat chronic disease.

Lung Foundation Australia

Lung Foundation Australia will hold a national roundtable to develop a Consensus Statement on the emerging national health issue of the increasing number of young people turning to vaping.

Monash University

Monash University’s BrainPark will develop and pilot the PEAK program, a fun and empowering behaviour change program that seeks to embed regular physical exercise into the lifestyles of Australian university students to improve their mental health.

Skin Check Champions

The Skin Check Champons' Spot Bot will live on Facebook Messenger and will encourage Australians to get a skin check while supporting them through the entire skin check process.

Waves of Wellness Foundation

Waves of Wellness is taking their mental health messages well beyond the sand to create an educational digital platform for young people to access mental health resources wherever they might be.