Transferring from another fund

Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Moving your health insurance to nib from another Australian OSHC provider

If you are currently with another Australian health insurer and want to transfer to nib, we’ll take this into account when assessing your waiting period for nib.

You’ll need to give us a 'Clearance Certificate' from your current health insurer. This will help us understand how long you’ve had appropriate health insurance in Australia.

What happens next?

Once you join nib, the rest is easy.

Login to Online Services and give us your Australian home address. We’ll then send you your OSHC Customer Card. You need this card to claim for medical services or when you are admitted to hospital. If you have a family policy your partner also receives a customer card.

We’ll send you a Health Insurance Certificate that describes who’s covered on your policy and the period of cover. You’ll need to check that everything in the Health Insurance Certificate is correct. If it isn’t call nib on 1800 775 204 immediately and we’ll help you update your cover.

We’ll have registered you for nib Online Services when you joined nib. It’s a 'customer’s only' area of our site that lets you see your nib OSHC policy and health insurance details, make claims for out of hospital medical services, and more. Please login to Online Services to create a password for access to this area.

Set up a Direct Credit Authority account in Online Services so we can deposit your benefits (the money you claim back) into your nominated Australian bank account.