Overseas Customers

Overseas Visitor Health Cover

IMAN Overseas Visitor Health Cover

nib offers Overseas Visitor Health Cover through a wholly-owned subsidiary company called IMAN Australian Health Plans. IMAN Australian Health Plans’ Overseas Visitor Health Cover provides a range of options for applicants and holders of Temporary Resident Visas.

nib Health Insurance

nib also has insurance that can be combined with Overseas Visitor Heath Cover, or taken separately, to help you get the most from your health benefits while in Australia.

nib hospital cover may be taken out for Medicare Levy Surcharge exemption while you are in Australia. However, before taking out a product, we recommend you seek independent advice.

You can add nib Extras cover to other types of health insurance to get better cover for health-related services like dental and optical services.

To talk to us about the cover that’s right for you, call us on 1800 775 204. If you’re calling from outside of Australia, please call +61 2 4914 1146.