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Surfing miniseries promotes positive mental health this holiday season

Group of surfers in the ocean
Group of surfers in the ocean

Our partner Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation has launched a four-part online mini-series to help support the wellbeing of Australians this holiday season.

Developed in consultation with a clinical psychotherapist, the suite of videos capture the essence of mental health surf therapy and uses surfing references to help break down the stigma around mental health, delivering the important health messaging in a relatable and engaging way.

The video series features interviews with Waves of Wellness mental health program facilitators and participants and uses real-life footage from their surf therapy programs across Australia.

Throughout the series, the videos draw parallels between surfing and swimming basics and mental health concepts, such as mindfulness, being present, going with the flow, asking for help, resisting change and self-doubt.

Using a digital approach, the project allows WOW to reach Australians who might not be able to attend their beach programs and provide valuable and clinically-proven skills Australians can incorporate into their everyday to support their mental health and wellbeing.

It’s an important message we’re proud to be supporting as Australians head into the festive season – a time of year that, while joyous for some, can be stressful or isolating for others. We hope the videos will help provide more Australians with the skills and strategies they need to continue to take care of their mental health and wellbeing every day.

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Find out more about our partnership with Waves of Wellness Foundation (WOW) or visit their website: