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Smiling Mind launches new Stress Management program

How to recognise which zone you're in...
How to recognise which zone you're in...

The stress management program is the final program as part of our Healthy Habits for Healthy Minds project, which also included mindfulness meditations focused on sleep and relationships.

The program is divided into three Zones, Red, Amber and Green, with meditations under each which respond to a person's level of stress.

For example, the Red Zone consists of short, simple, grounding exercises for those feeling high levels of distress and overwhelm, while the Amber Zone is associated with the same emotions as those in the 'Red Zone' - fear, frustration, agitation, overwhelm and disconnection - however the intensity isn't quite as great. The Green Zone helps those during times of calm as well as stress, to help develop resilience in the face of stress.

The idea is to better equip Aussies with the reactive strategies to help manage stress, while also providing them with the additional proactive benefits of engaging in mindfulness meditation on a regular basis to help improve their health and wellbeing.

You can access the new stress management program on the Smiling Mind app under 'Adult Programs'. And find out more about our partnership with Smiling Mind.