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Waves of Wellness Foundation


Waves of Wellness Foundation


Innovation through digitisation


Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle



Funding Dates

December 2019 -
December 2020

The issue

Mental health challenges remain one of the biggest issues impacting young people, with 1 in 4 people experiencing challenges with their mental health in Australia – yet they’re just the people we know about. Many young people don’t seek help due to fear of judgment, however it’s important they learn the skills and strategies to cope with mental health and wellbeing before it becomes an issue.

The project

Waves of Wellness will take their proven Surfing Experience to Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle to help build mental fitness for youth and young adults. A four part mini-series that captures the essence of being a participant in the WOW program, while showcasing mental health messages that are relevant well beyond the sand, will also be developed. This will be done in consultation with youth program participants and a clinical psychotherapist to ensure the content promotes positive behavior change and a clear call to action.

The videos will be shared across WOW’s online platforms, including web and social media, as well as partner and influencer platforms to reach young people and form the basis of a wider digital educational platform.

The impact

The project allows WOW to have direct program impact not only for the program participants, but for those people who cannot access their programs at the beach, who might be geographically isolated, experience accessibility issues, or choose not to get involved. It provides WOW with an avenue to target those people who might be falling through the cracks through an innovative digital approach to mental health.

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