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Reducing Alcohol Harm in Young People


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Funding Dates

December 2021 -
November 2022

The issue

Alcohol is a significant contributor to health loss in New Zealand and around the world, and hazardous drinking often begins in adolescence. The Youth2000 series (2001, 2007, 2012 & 2019), collects important data on youth drinking and alcohol harm. The most recent 2019 survey revealed harmful drinking often begins in adolescents, with 44% of Year 13 and 32% of Year 12 students reporting binge drinking in the previous month.

While youth drinking is a public concern, there is little or no current information on alcohol harm in NZ's adolescents regarding demographics such as sex, ethnicity and socioeconomic status, modifiable risk, and protective factors for alcohol harm. There is unrealised potential for the survey findings to provide evidence-based guidance for policymakers, and to translate findings into actionable information for communities.

The project

The University of Otago, Adolescent Health Research Group (AHRG), and Alcohol Healthwatch (AHW) will collaborate to analyse data on youth drinking and experience of alcohol harm collected through the Youth2000 surveys. 

Based on the findings and guidance from their advisory group, the University of Otago and partners will produce a series of data-informed fact sheets and webinars, with an overarching aim to inform evidence-based policy and community-level action to address harmful drinking in young people and reduce disparities in alcohol harm.

The impact

With our funding support, the University of Otago and partners aim to create actionable evidence about alcohol use and alcohol harm in adolescents, focusing on young people's perspectives. This evidence will then be used to inform and influence policymakers, program developers, and those who work with young people to better educate the community on alcohol harm and reduce long-term health impacts. 

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