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Uplift Online





Funding Dates

December 2021 -
November 2022

The issue

While young people experience a range of physical and social challenges throughout adolescence, health and wellbeing is a key concern. The onset of mental illness is typically around mid-to-late adolescence, with young people (18-24 years old) having the highest prevalence of mental illness compared to any other age group in Australia.

The project

Physical activity is shown to be an effective intervention tool that reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, increases self-esteem and self-concept and can lead to improvements in cognitive function, focus, attention and social health in young people. 

As part of the oldest and largest youth organisation in the world, the Y NSW is passionate about nurturing potential and providing safe spaces for young people focused on healthy living, empowerment and social impact. The Y NSW offers a range of range of health and wellbeing programs to support young people.

Uplift Online is an active wellness program for at-risk young people aged 16-25 across NSW. The program offers participants access to fitness sessions and a series of wellness content aligned to the weekly themes of Balance, Resilience, Vitality, Connection, Growth and Focus. Both fitness and wellness content is developed to be suitable for young people of all abilities.

Sessions include educational and interactive activities promoting the benefits of exercise and sleep hygiene, yoga, mindfulness and circuit training. Uplift Online is also a resource for connecting young people to local support services.

The impact

Uplift Online aims to empower young people to engage in physical activity and develop skills that lead to positive social and emotional wellbeing. The Y’s innovative approach to the program – combining fitness and therapeutic mental health activities – allows for a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing to better meet the needs of at-risk young people in the community

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