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Skin Check Champions


Skin Check Champions


Spot Bot





Funding Dates

November 2020 -
December 2021

The issue

Australia’s melanoma death rates are 12 times higher than the global norm. It is the biggest cancer killer of young people, a demographic that’s tricky to reach with public health advice, and who rarely see a doctor over any health issue.

The project

Our funding will support the development of The Spot Bot, which will live on Facebook Messenger and encourage people to get a skin check in a friendly, positive way.

The Spot Bot will guide participants through the entire skin check process from finding a clinic, to making a booking, setting reminders, getting there, and what to expect.

It will be available to everyone under the sun but is targeted to those most at risk of skin cancer and young Aussies.

The impact

Using the power of social media, the Spot Bot will encourage and support more people to get a skin health checks helping to save lives from this ‘national cancer’.

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