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Dignity Vending Machines


Share the Dignity


Dignity Vending Machines


Hunter Region



Funding Dates

October 2018 -
September 2019


Share the Dignity's vision is to ensure dignity for all, through the provision of necessities for women experiencing homelessness and domestic violence.

In 2017, Share the Dignity developed an Australian-first Dignity Vending Machine (DVM) designed to dispense one free Period Pack every ten minutes containing sanitary products, including pads and tampons, to adequately assist women for the next 24 hours.

The DVM's are located in remote communities across Australia with the potential to service 8,760 vulnerable women annually, that is, 43,800 Period Packs per year!

What’s next?

With our funding, Share the Dignity will place a second DVM in the Hunter region at the Cessnock Youth Centre Outreach Service (CYCOS) to help support vulnerable young girls and their families as well as continue their support of women experiencing homelessness and domestic violence in the Hunter.

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