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National Centre of Indigenous Excellence


National Centre of Indigenous Excellence


Young Mob Moving


New South Wales



Funding Dates

April 2020 -
April 2021

About National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE), is a not for profit social enterprise, building solid foundations and solid futures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people since 2010.

A child’s level of physical activity is heavily determined by family. With Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people more motivated to participate in recreational activities if there is a social, community or family connection, NCIE identified an opportunity to engage the whole of community in exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

The Project

The Young Mob Moving program aims to engage over 300 First Nations youth aged between 13-18, through increased involvement in physical activity and nutritional education in a safe, supportive and culturally appropriate social environment.

The Redfern based program involves a range of fitness, social, nutritional and health educational activities to establish confidence and motivation to maintain and improve Indigenous health. In addition, participants will be connected with local health service providers so they can learn and improve their health knowledge around risks and protective behaviours. Participants will also have access to personal nutritional advice and fitness health tracking.

The impact

The funding will provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth the opportunity to connect with a community of peers and health professionals to increase their health and fitness knowledge, equipping them with the skills to build and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The idea is to help build positive attitudes and beliefs around health, in a culturally safe environment, increasing the health literacy in young people, improving social connections and decreasing the risk of chronic disease amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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