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Funding Dates

November 2020 -
December 2021

The issue

The importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise is well known, with data showing that up to 20% of the burden of disease is due to physical inactivity. However, 13% of this burden could be avoided if everyone did as little as 15 minutes of activity each day.

COVID-19 disrupted the lives of all Aussies, including their fitness routines and access to gyms and group fitness; and demonstrated that there is a need and increasing demand for online options for those wishing to access a supportive online community to build a healthy lifestyle.

The project

Live Life Get Active provides free outdoor fitness camps, virtual exercise sessions for those who can’t leave home, and diet advice to help Australians combat chronic disease. Its focus is on both wellness and fostering community relationships through social connection.

With our support Live Life Get Active expanded its reach to more Australians by offering better online health and education services, including live fitness and wellness sessions, nutritional advice and video meal plan inspiration.

The impact

The project helped more Australians, many of whom may have chronic diseases, are isolated or live in rural and remote communities, to access better information about health and wellbeing.

On-demand, free classes mean people can do their exercise at a time and at a pace that suits them helping to build better physical activity habits and support them to prioritise their health and fitness.

By providing continued access to quality education, information and support, it’s expected to improve the identified health issues of poor mental health and physical inactivity within these communities.

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