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Lifeline Australia


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Funding Dates

October 2021 -
October 2024

The issue

Over the last 12 months. Lifeline has experienced unprecedented demand for crisis and mental health support, with their digital services the most utilised during the pandemic. Over this period, they’ve seen a 32% increase in website traffic and had a 64% increase in traffic to their factsheet and crisis support pages.

While Lifeline’s strength is helping people at point of crisis, there is currently a large unmet need in the community to provide information and support to those who are not currently at a point of crisis but would benefit from help and support.

The Project

To help Lifeline deliver a broader range of support services for Australians visiting their website, we’ve committed $750,000 in funding over the next three years to enable Lifeline develop and deliver their ‘Lifeline Toolkit’.

The toolkit will enable users to take ownership of their experience and navigate self-help resources, articles, stories and support tools that they can use every day to maintain their mental health and wellbeing.

The impact

Lifeline’s toolkit aims to utilise technology to reduce the challenges associated with help-seeking, and to support individuals to identify and seek out help earlier within the crisis trajectory.

The project includes three long-term goals:

  • Increased self-efficacy and resilience in individuals, helping them better self-manage their mental health.
  • Less barriers (including self-stigma) to accessing support
  • More people seeking appropriate levels of support

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