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Funding Dates

December 2021 -
November 2022

The issue

Live Life Get Active reveals that 25% of members who register for their nutrition, fitness and wellness platform were either on the cusp of, or were suffering from, a mild mental health disorder. A further 25% stated they suffered from a mental illness that could be classed as medium to severe. 

Left unaddressed, these mental health challenges could worsen over time and can compound other forms of chronic disease, such as diabetes or obesity.

While Live Life Get Active currently offer a range of online health and education services, they want to expand their services into the mental health space to better meet the needs of the community. This grant will allow Live Life Get Active to develop programming for its new series called My Positive Mind which help people understand how mental health challenges can occur and how to cope with them.

The project

My Positive Mind is an animated online series developed by Clinical Psychologists, covering a range of topics identified through social research. The program focuses on increasing the participants capacity to cope with stressors and provides strategies, tools, support and guidance that individuals can review, practice and start implementing right away.

Each topic breaks down into seven episodes and mirrors traditional sessions with a psychologist through linked episodes, regular check-ins, live Q&A’s and viewing tracking to support users to continue with the series. 

The latest funding allows Live Life Get Active to produce two new programs on ‘self-esteem’ and ‘future hope’ and continue supporting the mental health and wellbeing of Australians.

The impact

By providing this free evidence-based online program, My Positive Mind aims to support individuals in addressing their wellbeing needs and reducing the long-term impacts of poor mental health. 

Specifically, the program aims to 

  • improve capacity to deal with stressors
  • improve social outcomes such as the ability to connect
  • reduced need for mental health services

Through these programs, Live Life Get Active will collect de-identified data from users with the aim to share these insights with other medical and community services to help improve health outcomes. 

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