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Life Education NSW


Life Education NSW


Reality Now


New South Wales and South Australia



Funding Dates

December 2019 -
December 2020

The issue

Despite drug misuse and abuse declining amongst younger Australians, high levels of risky alcohol consumption remain in this demographic, and together drug and alcohol harm represent a significant health risk. Student perceptions of, attitudes towards and the behaviour of their peers relating to alcohol and drug use can often be varied and far from reality, which is why it’s important to continue to support and educate our young people around safe choices and decision making.

The project

Reality Now is a drug and alcohol program delivered in secondary schools that uses an interactive survey tool designed to explore students’ existing attitudes, perceptions and behaviors about alcohol and drug use, and dispel myths surrounding their peers’ drug and alcohol use.

With our funding support, Life Education NSW will use their strong connections with schools and expertise in drug and alcohol education to roll out the Reality Now program to secondary schools across NSW.

The program will reach 10,000 students, who will get a better understanding of the rates of drug and alcohol use amongst their peers through real time anonymous survey results as well as receive educational resources to help them make better choices about future alcohol and drug use.

The impact

The Reality Now program helps to develop awareness, knowledge and confidence that secondary students need to make more informed, safer and healthier choices relating to alcohol and other drugs. The survey also provides schools an opportunity to gather anonymous data about their students so they can plan more meaningful and effective interventions as part of their curriculum.

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