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Hello Sunday Morning


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Funding Dates

December 2015 -
October 2022

The issue

Lifestyle risk factors such as poor diet, physical inactivity and risky alcohol consumption continue to be leading causes of poor health in Australia. Drinking alcohol at risky levels is one of the largest contributors to preventable burden of disease.

Hello Sunday Morning is a charity helping people to change their relationship with alcohol using cutting-edge technology. Since 2010, Hello Sunday Morning has grown to be the largest online movement for alcohol behaviour change in the world, with over 120,000 registered members to date.

Every year, nearly 400,000 Australians put their hand up looking for support to change their relationship with alcohol, with thousands more too afraid to ask. But despite spending over $1 billion a year to address the issue, only 30% of these people ever receive the help they need. Consequently, alcohol is responsible for 5,500 deaths every year - that's greater than our suicide rate and road toll combined.

The project

After supporting the development of Hello Sunday Morning's first mobile app during 2015 and their new and improved Daybreak app in 2016, we are excited to be continuing our partnership in 2017 and 2018 to support an innovative new addition to their alcohol behaviour change services: Mobile Health Coaching.

The Health Coaches service is part of Hello Sunday Morning's Daybreak app, built off the culmination of six years of data and research from Hello Sunday Morning, combined with the best available evidence for alcohol behaviour change in scientific literature.

Designed to give all Australians access to personalised, professional support, Daybreak Health Coaches is the first dedicated chat-based service for Australians who want to achieve a healthier relationship with alcohol and make better drinking choices.

The service sees professional Health Coaches partner with Daybreak members to help them set and reach goals towards satisfying and healthy lives. They support members by connecting them with internal motivators, identifying barriers to progress, holding them accountable and assisting in the growth process of making changes to their lives. All Health Coaches are mental health professionals with backgrounds in health, mental health, counselling and psychology.

The impact

Demonstrating the impact of risky drinking on individuals and the health system alike, claims data from nib health funds shows that the health fund paid $4.5 million in benefits relating to alcohol in 2016, with a 106% increase in the number of alcohol-related episodes amongst nib's younger customers.

By implementing a mobile health coaching program, Hello Sunday Morning provides unlimited, personalised support to members who want to achieve a healthier relationship with alcohol, Australians that drink less are more active, sleep better, are less likely to experience weight gain, and have greater ability to achieve positive mental health and wellbeing.

By providing innovative technology that can reach thousands of Australian's every year, Hello Sunday Morning's goal is to achieve an average 35-50% reduction in harmful alcohol consumption amongst its members, creating healthier lifestyles and achieving the positive benefits associated with reduced alcohol consumption.

More Info at Hello Sunday Morning

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