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Clearhead NZ


Clearhead NZ


Digital tool for finding life purpose


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Funding Dates

December 2021 -
October 2022

The issue

In 2019, the New Zealand Mental Health Enquiry found the demand for mental health support among Kiwis was outgrowing the support available. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbates this demand. Similar research by ASMS (Association of salaried medical specialist) shows that 90% of public funding in New Zealand focuses on severe and complex mental health needs, rather than ongoing mental health and wellbeing support to prevent crisis point.

The project

Clearhead is a one-stop-shop online mental health platform empowering Kiwis to find the help they need, through simple and secure access to mental health providers.

Insights from Clearhead’s data analytics revealed loneliness and a lack of purpose as two leading causes of psychological distress amongst young people.

In response to this and with our funding support, Clearhead will work with a group of young adults from the public, mental health professionals, and a wider set of users to co-design an interactive digital wellbeing tool, to help young adults find their purpose in life. The interactive digital tool will sit on their online platform, providing on-demand support for people not in crisis, but whose mental health would strongly benefit from personal growth. The tool seeks to help people make meaning of their adversity and develop more purpose in their life.

The impact

The digital wellbeing tool takes a personalised strengths-based approach to empower individuals to cope with their stress, anxiety, or/and depression symptoms and build long-term resilience. By helping Kiwis develop a sense of purpose and identity through the digital process, Clearhead hopes to support them to live a more fulfilling life. Through building a stronger sense of self, this tool will also enable youth to form healthier relationships and social connections, reducing loneliness and helping to improve their emotional and social wellbeing.

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