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Rethink Sugary Drink: ‘Thirsty Campaign’





Funding Dates

December 2019 -
December 2020

The issue

Sugary drinks are the leading source of added sugar in Australians’ diets, with the highest consumers of sugary drinks being young males aged between 14 – 24 years. Young Australians are bombarded with media advertising of sugary drink every day that encourages unhealthy habits and contributes to Australia’s overweight and obesity problem.

Research shows that high levels of sugar consumption has detrimental short and long-term effects on a person’s health and wellbeing, such as diabetes, tooth decay, weight gain and cardiovascular issues – often preventable through maintaining a healthy diet and physical activity.

The project

The ‘Thirsty Campaign’ is an online health promotion campaign targeted at young people (14 – 24) to encourage them to Rethink Sugary Drink. Young people can be less likely to change their behavior as they feel they are less susceptible to the effects of sugary drinks. This campaign will use impactful marketing strategies that resonate with youth to better educate them on the impacts of high sugar intake.

The impact

The Thirsty Campaign aims to build understanding of the health risks associated with consuming sugary drinks and encourage young Australians to think twice before consuming sugary drinks to ultimately help lower the burden of disease attributable to overweight and obesity.

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