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Cancer Council Queensland


Cancer Council Queensland


Cancer Risk Calculator Youth Co-design Prevention Project


Darling Downs and South-West Region of Australia



Funding Dates

December 2019 -
December 2020

The issue

One in three cancer cases are preventable through healthy lifestyle behaviour changes. While cancer prevention programs have helped to improve community knowledge, research demonstrates that young people (18 - 30) have a low understanding of the modifiable risk factors associated with cancer. That is: diet, smoking, exercise, alcohol, sun exposure and more.

The project

Cancer Council Queensland has developed an online and mobile compatible behaviour change tool, The Cancer Risk Calculator (CRC), to empower people to make more informed lifestyle decisions every day that help to prevent cancer.

With our funding support, Cancer Council Queensland will roll out an informative campaign and pilot the CRC with 18-30 year olds living in the Darling Downs and South West Region of Australia – a region that has the highest cancer incidence rate for Queenslander’s between 15 - 39 years of age.

The impact

The CRC has a range of health-related questions associated with modifiable lifestyle factors to calculate how much a person is currently reducing their cancer risk. A scorecard then provides a detailed breakdown of their results, personalised tips, recommendations and resources with the purpose of improving knowledge and influencing behaviour change that could help prevent risk of cancer.

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