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Cancer Council NSW


Cancer Council NSW


Raising Awareness of Link Between Alcohol and Cancer





Funding Dates

November 2020 -
December 2021

The issue

In Australia, 1 in 3 people who die from alcohol-related causes die from a cancer that can be prevented by reducing alcohol consumption. Research shows, consuming alcohol increases a person’s risk of developing at least seven different types of cancer including mouth, throat, breast, bowel and liver cancers. Yet, a recent survey by Cancer Council NSW showed only 54% of NSW adults are aware that drinking alcohol can increase their risk of cancer.

The project

Cancer Council NSW will launch a social media campaign to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer as well as help to change intentions about reducing alcohol consumption.

The campaign will also direct users to the NSW Drinks Meter app to provide personalised feedback about alcohol use based on advice from doctors. Cancer Council NSW’s Nutrition Unit and Behavioural and Implementation Research and Evaluation Team will then work in collaboration with the NSW Ministry of Health to evaluate the success of the campaign and assess any changes in knowledge and attitudes among NSW residents aged 20-50 years regarding alcohol and cancer.

The impact

Research shows that simply making people aware of cancer risks associated with alcohol consumption is enough to influence their attitudes towards drinking.

By equipping people with the right tools and information to better inform their decision making when it comes to alcohol consumption, Cancer Council NSW hopes to reduce alcohol use and help prevent some of the estimated 6,000 alcohol-related deaths in the country each year.

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