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Take extra care of your pregnancy with nib Nurture

Pregnancy is an exciting journey and we want to make sure you can enjoy each step of the process.

We’ve partnered with trusted pregnancy experts to bring you a range of services and information about caring for yourself and your baby.

What you need to know

A smiling pregnant woman, wearing a yellow maxi dress, cradles her bump on the beach as the sun sets.

Your growing baby: a week-by-week guide to pregnancy

Growing a baby is an amazing process. It’s tempting to focus on what will happen after your little one arrives, but whether this is your first baby or you already have children, it can be a fascinating experience to learn about your baby’s milestone developments.

6 minute read

A tired pregnant woman lies on the couch with her eyes shut, resting one hand on her bump and the other on her forehead.

Morning Sickness - your need-to-know guide

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it does come with some unique challenges. One such challenge is morning sickness, which around 80% of pregnant women will experience.

4 minute read

A little girl sitting at the dining table smiles at her pregnant mum, who is eating with chopsticks.

What to eat (and avoid) while pregnant

Your body goes through some significant changes during pregnancy, so adding more nutrients to your diet can help boost your energy levels and support your baby’s development. Taking care of yourself by eating food rich in nutrients will also help put you in a better position to tackle the demands of parenthood.

5 minute read