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What does a Brain Cancer Care Coordinator do?

A young woman who is sitting down holds her hands up as she speaks

Watch our interview with a Brain Cancer Care Coordinator.

A young woman who is sitting down holds her hands up as she speaks

Brain cancer kills more people under 40 years of age than any other cancer and one Aussie will die from it every eight hours.

So, it’s more than likely you or someone you love could eventually be affected by this terrible disease.

nib has partnered with the Mark Hughes Foundation to turn those statistics around, profiling the work of the researchers and volunteers involved in the battle against brain cancer.

Not only does the Mark Hughes Foundation help fund research into finding a cure for brain cancer, but it’s created a Brain Cancer Care Coordinator role for Hunter New England Health – a role which provides patients and their families an advocate from when they’re first diagnosed, throughout their treatment, during follow-up and end of life care.

We spoke to Brain Cancer Care Coordinator Sandy Nixon to find out more about what she does and why her role is so important to brain cancer patients.

Credit: nibHealthInsurance

Sandy’s Brain Cancer Care Coordinator position is funded solely by the Mark Hughes Foundation.

To find out more about brain cancer visit the Mark Hughes Foundation website and stay tuned to The Check Up for all the latest updates.

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