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private health cover

16 Articles

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private health cover

16 Articles

What’s a waiting period and why do we have them?

Why are there private health insurance waiting periods?

Do I have to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge at tax time?

The only Medicare Levy Surcharge guide you'll need

What is the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)?

How do you know which medical services are free or not?

Everything you need to know about bulk-billing

If you didn’t have to pay, you’ve probably been bulk-billed

Can you afford not to have private health insurance for your heart?

9 in 10 Aussie have at least 1 risk factor of heart disease.

Who pays for what when it comes to your medical bills?

A simple guide on who's responsible for healthcare costs

How do I know if I’m covered for a procedure?

The 3 steps to finding out whether your procedure is covered

Josh’s story “the prospect of never walking again was scary”

Josh reveals how health insurance helped after a broken back

Sonya’s story “my nib health cover gives me peace of mind”

Mum of 4, Sonya tells us why health insurance is important

I’ve moved address – will my health insurance premium change?

Moving home? Update your private health insurance details!

Why do I need private health insurance?

Private health cover helps fill in the gaps Medicare leaves

Should I use my private health insurance in a public hospital?

In a public hospital - do you use Medicare or insurance?