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Dr Leigh Exelby

Dr Leigh Exelby is a Queensland-based GP who specialises in women’s health, fertility and children’s health. Her path to medicine was far from conventional, having studied music and business administration and holding down roles in media and marketing before eventually enrolling in medical school. After graduating from Bond University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Leigh worked in several hospitals before moving into general practice. Leigh has performed in musicals across Australia and the UK, and rates Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal as her favourite song for dancing.    

women stretching on couch

Understanding Menopause

Find out what menopause is, when it happens and exactly what people can expect as they enter this phase.

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Person holding period products

The best period products for your period

Every cycle is different, and the best period products for you may differ for someone else.

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Woman laughing while cutting bread, friends surrounding her and laughing

Your menstrual cycle – what’s healthy and what’s not?

No two menstrual cycles are the same, however, there are some general principles to keep in mind

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