nib's First Choice Network

Connecting quality healthcare professionals with our one million customers

Our community of trusted health professionals

We want to help our customers access high standards of service and care. It’s all about creating a health care community our customers can trust.

To ensure our customers enjoy the same experience no matter which practitioner they visit, the whole practice will be asked to become part of the nib First Choice Network.

Turn nib customers into your new patients

We’ll promote the benefits of the network to our customers and make it easy for them to find your practice on the nib website. They’ll minimise out-of-pocket costs at any nib First Choice practice and enjoy the convenience of on the spot claiming.

We require nib First Choice practices have electronic claiming so it’s easy and convenient for nib customers to claim. nib’s schedule of treatment fees will be supplied as part of the application process.

Quality of care is important

nib First Choice partners will meet our required standards for qualifications, facilities equipment and care. It's all part of nib First Choice and why our customers should choose our network providers first.

We’d like to encourage applications from professionals who demonstrate they meet the nib standards for qualifications, facilities, equipment and care. Please read our eligiility criteria to learn more.

Our commitment to you

Preferred partner status

We’ll limit the total number of partners we accept across the nib First Choice network

Promotion to nib customers

We’ll educate our customers about the benefits of attending the nib First Choice Network

Exchanging patient feedback and insights

We will compile and share patient feedback about their experience at your practice.

Dedicated nib account management

An experienced nib First Choice Team will provide a single point of contact to support the growth of our partnership

Applications are now open

This is your chance to partner with one of Australia's largest health funds

Note: An application does not guarantee acceptance, we’ll need to review your application and may be in touch to learn more about your practice and the services you provide.