Subclass 457 Visa Application

There are three steps to the subclass 457 visa application:

  1. The employer applies to be a business sponsor
  2. The employer nominates a vacant position
  3. The employee applies for a 457 visa

The main step that individuals will be concerned with is the third step after they have been nominated for a vacant skilled position. There are costs associated with submitting a 457 visa application including an additional nomination charge and a sponsorship charge that is paid by the employer. There can also be additional charges such as the cost of a medical examination depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Evidence of Necessary Skills

To apply for a 457 visa, an applicant must be able to show that they have the necessary experience, skills and qualifications required for the job they are applying for. Evidence of this can include a degree, references, license or certificates. A skills assessment may also be required.

Proof Of Identify

An applicant must submit proof of identity in their 457 visa application. Documentation can include a birth certificate, passport or ID card.

English Language Proficiency

An applicant must be able to demonstrate that they meet the minimum English language proficiency requirements. For English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, this isn’t required and proof of nationality is sufficient.

Health and Character Requirements

An applicant may be required to have a health assessment depending on their country of residency or the areas they have lived in over the previous five years. An applicant may also be required to have a health assessment in circumstances such as pregnancy.

The applicant must be able to show that they have purchased compliant health cover and provide a visa letter from an approved health fund. All IMAN products meet 457 visa requirements and a health cover letter is provided once applicants have successfully joined.

Character Requirements

The applicant must be able to show that they meet character requirements. Requirements include the submission of a penal clearance form which focuses on criminal history.

For further information about the application process for the subclass 457 visa, visit the Department of Home Affairs website.