About nib Options

nib Options is a new service providing access to quality surgeons, dentists and facilities here in Australia and surgeons and facilities overseas.

We assist our customers to take control of their health, and help them understand the options available so they can make an informed decision about cosmetic or dental treatment.

nib Options connects customers with accredited medical facilities and qualified surgeons and dentists.

We assist customers by organising their medical consultations, and for overseas treatment, airfares, transfers and accommodation can also be arranged.

nib Options is a subsidiary of nib holdings limited and part of the nib Group. It is not a private health insurer and does not operate a private health insurer business.

Why has nib Options been established?

As more Australians seek cosmetic and dental treatment it is our aim through nib Options to help simplify the process.

We want to assist people to make informed decisions, whether having treatment overseas or here in Australia. For those traveling, we want to help them with their options and choices.

We believe this treatment should only be delivered by qualified surgeons and dentists in accredited medical facilities.

Available to all Australians

nib Options is not a health insurance offering. It’s a new service, available to all Australians, both nib customers and the general public.

nib Options Mission

To assist customers in making informed choices about quality care for cosmetic surgery in Australia or cosmetic surgery or dental treatment overseas.

nib Options Vision

nib Options is a leading Australian company, assisting customers with their domestic and international cosmetic, dental and medical treatment. Customers choose nib Options because of their confidence in the nib brand and the choice and assistance they receive.