Who's covered

Each policy has a nominated policyholder. They are legally responsible for the policy, and anything we send will be addressed to them. Anyone else who's listed on your policy, such as your partner and any dependants, is also covered.

Partner authority

If you have cover for both of you, or for all of you, you can choose to give your partner (as listed on your policy) authority to operate the policy. Without partner authority, a partner can only make claims for themselves. With partner authority they can make claims on behalf of anyone listed on the policy, including you and your children.

They can also make changes, or make enquiries about:

  • Policy details (such as your address or phone number)
  • Level of cover
  • Payment methods
  • Adding people to the policy

You can give partner authority, or remove it, online with nib Online Services or call us on 13 16 42.