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What is the nib First Choice Network?

Trusted health partners

The nib First Choice network is a community of trusted health partners, designed to help our customers access health care with peace of mind.

nib enables you to search for a nib First Choice network provider in your local area. This includes dentists through our First Choice Dental Network, general practitioners, or a variety of medical specialists who are part of our MediGap scheme.

Building our network

We are developing our network of providers every day, and we will be adding to the range of provider types shortly.

As our network grows, nib First Choice will quickly become your go-to when looking for a health provider.

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Below are a couple of helpful tips, when using the network

Choosing a dentist?

When choosing a dentist, double check at the time of booking that the dentist is a First Choice dentist.

Choosing a medical specialist?

When choosing a medical specialist, please enquire prior to your procedure about Medigap.

Ready to book?

Prior to making an appointment with your chosen provider, ensure your policy covers you for this treatment.

Going to hospital?

nib has agreements with more than 70% of Australia's private hospitals. Find an nib Agreement Hospital today.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions regarding the First Choice network contact nib at 13 16 42

If you are a Provider with questions regarding the First Choice network, contact nib at 1800 175 377 or to join the First Choice network please express your interest here and we will be in touch with more details shortly.