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Are you punching above your weight? Concerned your pre-nup won’t stand up in court? Or haven’t exactly had the best relationship track record? nib has the answer for you – nib Relationship Insurance.

In the unfortunate event that your relationship comes to an end prematurely, nib Relationship Insurance protects you by paying a lump sum to help offset the emotional distress that being dumped inevitably brings.

So, while we can’t guarantee you won’t be left broken hearted, we can make sure you’re not left empty handed.

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Terms and Conditions

Question 1 1/5

Did you meet your partner at

Online dating site
an ‘adults only’ entertainment venue

Question 22/5

Who made the first move?

Question 33/5

Is your partner classed as high maintenance and/or has expensive taste?

Question 44/5

What would you score your relationship out of ten?

Question 55/5

What most accurately describes your net worth (so we can protect 50%)

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Your net worth

April Fools from nib!

Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately we can’t insure your relationship, but we do offer great value health insurance to help you and your partner live a long, happy and healthy life together.

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Terms and conditions apply

  • Annual limits and waiting periods apply
  • Proof of relationship may be required
  • Benefit limitations apply. Benefits are paid proportionately to the severity and nature of the break up.
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