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Choosing the right cover

nib's Top Hospital health cover is the right choice if you're planning to expand your family.

You need to choose your cover carefully as pregnancy is not covered on every health cover. Please be aware if you do choose a cover which includes pregnancy and birth related services, a 12 month waiting period will apply if you are a new customer or have just moved to the cover.

If you're planning a baby, and you'd like to use your health insurance to go to a private hospital, you'll need to be on a health cover that includes pregnancy at least 3 months before you start trying to fall pregnant. Contact us to ensure you have an appropriate level of cover.

Adding your new baby to your policy

If you already have a family policy when your baby comes along, you simply contact us to add your baby's name to your cover. Your baby should be added to the policy within 2 years of birth to have the same health cover entitlements as the longest serving parent.

If you have a singles or couples policy, you'll need to upgrade to a family cover within 60 days of your baby's birth to ensure he/she doesn't need to serve any waiting periods.

The costs of having a baby guide

We've put together a guide to help you better understand what sort of costs you might be up for if you use your private health insurance during pregnancy. There are also tips on how to minimise your out of pocket expenses.

Download the Costs of Having a Baby Guide